Baby oh Baby!

In case you ever wondered if there could be something unique about a baby bottle- Here it is: My Brother invented  Mixie, a bottle that holds the water in the top and formula in the bottom compartment. When baby is hungry simply push the bottom and ...Viola! Shake and mix. in the car or restaurant? On a plane? No more struggling to pour water and spilling formula! 


Mixie Bottle


 Just launched in the states. Click the Images for more info or to purchase!


Ask for Mixie bottles at your local retailer.





Red Velvet Pancakes...Red Velvet Hot Chocolate...

A nostalgic cake is morphing into lots of  other yummy forms like

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate...

Get the recipe HERE.

Red Velvet Pancakes...
Get the RECIPE.

Are you a fan?


For a Good Cause

We can't do everything...but we can do something. I am a sponsor of this event. 
 (Shop Marilyn Monrose)

To support this very important cause.

About City Harvest: City Harvest, a non-profit organization founded in 1982, is the world's first and New York City's only food rescue program. City Harvest helps feed over 300,000 people each week by rescuing over 83,000 pounds of food each day, regularly giving food to nearly 600 community programs. Learn more at www.cityharvest.org.

I would like to encourage everyone to get out and give. It doesn't have to be money...time is often more important. There are many causes that need your support. Choose one and donate - I know you will feel more- or at least as blessed as those you are helping!


100 Years of Style in 100 Seconds

 England’s about-to-open Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre put together a 100 second long video that sums up the last 10 decades of fashion.

Which era would you love to see a fashion come back? I am somewhere in the 1930-40's.


Fried Green Tomatoes, Purple Striped Beans and Blueberries

We sure have a Bumper crop of GREEN tomatoes. The weather this year in the PNW has not been kind to our garden. Tomorrow marks the first day of September and the weather doesn't look to promising. If they make it all the way to red we will have literally hundreds of glorious Tommy-toes. We (mainly my husband) will try our hand at canning them - along with his to-die-for spaghetti sauce. Now that's sumptin' to talk about. It's so good I swear I could drink it!

( San Marzano- World's best they say)

All this leads me to wondering: Are fried green tomatoes made with unripe fruit or is there a green tomato variety I don't know about? Does anyone have a good recipe they want to share? Speaking of unknown varieties...I had no idea there was such thing as Green Beans with such a lovely purple design. But here they are- freshly picked from our garden! I was a little Leary to try them. It's like convincing yourself a red banana is normal. It just didn't make sense to me. But let me tell you they are divine!

( Designer Green Beans)

My lovely Aunt and Uncle stopped by today and brought us some fabulous local blueberries. Aren't they pretty? They taste even better then they look!

Blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry buckle....


So Gorgeous They Take My Breath Away!

I am so enamored by her exquisite bouquets-I had to find out more about the person behind the art- so I went straight to the source! Here is my interview with Liza from Lillybuds Bespoke Bridal Bouquets.

What inspires your designs?
Current wedding trends, colours and browsing for supplies on Etsy. I will find something and base a new design on that. I have some gorgeous reproduction lock and keys I am very keen to use.

 How long have you been creating your bridal bouquets?
Since 2008

Do you have a top selling design?
The diamonds and pearls bouquet is by far the most popular with brides from all around the world.

Do you have a website or blog?
My website www.lillybuds.com, I don't blog but I am on Facebook, always adding new photos. You can find me on facebook as ...Lillybuds Bespoke Button Bouquets and Brooch Bouquets

You currently have a 40 week wait on orders. You must be one busy gal! Can someone request a rush on a order?
Yes I can accommodate rush orders. Ddepending how rushed though, charges may apply.

Two random facts about you...
My Father was a lighthouse keeper so we lived in very isolated places and I was taught school at home. I love handmade enameled jewelry especially by Bullfinch and Barbury on Etsy.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule Liza! I think my husband and I may have to renew or vows just so I can carry one your bouquets!