Flapper era film circa 1920...

I love history. Wars and Generals are interesting- but I am fascinated by the daily life of years gone by. Especially when it concerns fashion. My favorite era is the 20's and 30's. I would love to spend a day no a week...better yet a month in each decade! We can get a peek of it in old magazines but to really get a sense of history...watch old video's!

I know that times were much more difficult then- imagine life without modern conveniences? Somehow it manages to look like a happy, care free time!



Are you a REAL princess?

Modern fairytale,  The Princess and the Pea...



Ever feel like this about blogging?

I started my blog with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm ~ then life came along and spun me in circles for awhile. Dare I say things have settled down a bit? I have been having fun catching up in blog land. The trouble is minutes easily turn into hours and hours into...

On another note, Summer is slowly turning to fall. This is my favorite time of year!

 We have a bit of this...

And mornings and evenings look like a lot like this...

Here in the Pacific Northwest we can still do this!

Today we woke up to glorious blue skies and the sun beaming warmly down. The weather man promises temps in the 80's! Does blogging on  the patio count as doing something productive outdoors?

( I would love to give credit for the photos I used but alas, could not track down the owners. I believe most came from Flicr...)


Not now brown cow...

Forgive me Karen, I am way late and mixed up on the color challenge. I am going to throw this in here even though it doesn't really fit the category! Kind of cheating, I know but I adore these hair products. The first time I tried them I was hooked. My hair was rebelling against all the drying and flat irons and after one use it was tame and soft, none of that frizziness!! I have seen several imposter's on the market, don't bother...they are not the same! Look for the brown bottle with blue label. You can check out their website here.

You can join the color challenge at Out In The Fields, I know you will follow the rules better then I!


Don't miss this Saturday's Spectacular Event!


 (Straight from the source!)

Like last year, we've decided to let customers 'draw' their own percentage off their purchase. You can draw up to 30% off one regular priced item! Pretty sweet deal!

NOW, we have filled our parking lot to the BRIM with wonderful, talented, gifted vendors that we are honored to have join us in our celebration. Here's our lineup: (!!!!!! Yes, I'm so excited!!!!)

First of all the food, to whet your appetite....

The Field Kitchen

(they make the best wraps around!)

Truly Scrumptious

(whoopie pies, cupcakes, cookies, yummy and oh my!)

Elements of Time
(our lovely friends Blaine and Jennifer have special Fall treats ready to consume share)

Our vendor guest list...

Arts & Scraps

(Denise owns this awesome store in Vancouver featuring wonderful ephemera, paper arts, vintage items and more!)

B.G. Farmer's Market Association Community Outreach

Between Friends

Century Farm & Nursery

Collected Vintage Charm

De Lore
(will have beautiful, fresh bouquets!)

Fritzie's Finds

King's Closet

Linda's Lovelies

Ludlow Farm

M.W.'s Home Goods

Northy's Treasures

Old Quincy Schoolhouse

(bringing her famous Finish cardamom bread too!)

Prune Hill

Redoux with Lynne and Sue


Simply Micki



Color My World Challenge

My sweet friend Karen has the most delightful, creative blog! Every month she has a new color challenge to keep us inspired. September's color is very fittingly, brown. Hop on over and take a peek at  Out in the Fields.  I have decided to jump in the Frey and join the challenge. Below are some pictures I love that feature this months color.

Photo by: Drew

Double Chocolate Muffins
Recipe and photo from Recipeaholic.

Photo by: Katherine Elizabeth


Will Facebook make blogs obsolete?

Maybe not entirely but I am finding many of my favorite blogger's have FB pages as well. It seems to be a faster, easier way to get noticed...to announce special events and gather followers. I love discovering and reading new blogs, keeping up on old favorites-the trouble is I get so engrossed, hours can pass in a flash. Literally. One link, one click and I am on to a whole new list of blogs. Sigh. Now I have to get to the laundry. 

 Below are a few Facebook "bloggger's" I am friends with.

I wonder, are there any Blogger-Tweeter's out there?