My Face is Still Red

I admit, I am not always first to get the joke, and I didn't think after so many years of marriage, I could still get embarrassed in front of my husband. But then it happened. I was running late one afternoon and as I was passing this little shop by the side of the road- I noticed a antiques sign in the window. I quickly decided that I was already 15 minutes late, would five more make that big of a difference? Not wanting to admit I was shopping, I ignored my cell phone ringing in my purse and dashed inside. I raced down the aisles separated by raw shelving hoping to find something to make being late worth it. And then, there they were. Right at eye level. Chippy little pepper and salt shakers monogrammed with my initials. I stood in disbelief wondering about the person, who had my exact initials, monogrammed on these little wonders. Was it a wedding gift? Did it match their set of China? I carefully reached up to check the price. $18.00. OK, they had my initials- but were they $18.00 cute? All at once I decided no, but they were personalized for me. I made my purchased and hurried home, all the while picturing my husbands amazement as I showed him my find. I rushed into the house and ceremoniously unwrapped my treasure.I told him my story before slowly revealing the pepper and salt shakers. As I carefully set them on the microwave- He paused, looked at me and said......"You're serious?" In that moment I realized I there was no way to play it off. This story would go down in family history. Told over and over again at each reunion, birthday and shower. I am Legend.
Signed, P.S.
(In my defense, you thought so to...right? Who displays pepper and salt shakers? Proper form is SALT and PEPPER shakers! P.S. photo is not the actual shakers) Go ahead call me crazy..or could it be this menopause thing?


Just Arrived! Container Load of Treasures from Europe...

Paris Opera Glasses and Lavender Glass knobs are just a few of the Fan-tab-ulous items just listed on junquecouture.com Shop early for the freshest pick of Frenchy furniture and decor! Browse all of the categories to find empherama, VINTAGE and new treasures, hand picked for your pleasure!


Back to my roots, and I don't mean my hair.

Which by the way, the grey now out numbers the brown, or was it blond? Maybe red. Thank goodness for hair color! I am however, going back to my what fits me best in home decor. I think it was the amazing Barn House flea market that made me face a few facts. I may like a certain style in someone ELSE'S home, but I can't live with what I don't love. I went home and talked my ever patient husband into a new couch. (poor guy, that is just a start..) I am now sitting on my deliciously creamy couch, dreaming about adding some of those great burlap pillows I saw at BH. Note to self: Lot's of color is fine for fresh fruit or a box of crayons-just not in my living room.


Dear Mademoiselle Pamela,

I came across this large envelope the other day, tucked among some other "childhood treasures." It brought me rushing back to my days in college. I was taking merchandising as my minor and my term paper was on Coco Chanel. I had written to Chanel in Paris (I don't remember what my request was) long after the course had ended, I received a package from Chanel. It would have been useless in a sense, I don't understand a word of French! Inside were pictures of their current (circa 1992) "Collection Haute Couture." On the back of each picture were the design details. (I assume) Someday I may have the letter translated- though I am sure it is a generic response! awww...the dreams of the young and fearless...


Lavender Fields Forever...

Used for aromatherapy, Lavender has long been known for it's calming affect. It is my favorite fragrance to scent my home. (In no small part to the calming benefit!) Early summer in Provence brings the lavender in full bloom with stunning rows of purple flowers that stretch to the foot of the mountains The air fills with the delightful fragrance. When the harvest is over, the villagers celebrate with colorful festivals. You can experience your own bit of Provence here at home. Stop in at Scented Acres in Brush Prairie (off of 503) They offer over 25 varieties and have a sweet little gift shop! They have several events during the year, check out their web site for time and dates. (scentedacreslavender.com)


I LOVE mannequins and this one is fabulous!

I have a thing for mannequins, would it be strange to have a room full of these friends? I came across this one on a website-livingina nutshell.com. It has a Frenchi -couture appeal and I want it!!


Vintage Bathing Suits...Sweet Summer Time!

I found this framed vintage bathing suit at a sweet little shop in Sun River Idaho. There started my love affair with vintage beach decor..I have filled my bathroom with pictures of bathing beauties- I threw in a brown zebra rug for a bit of glam. My 14 year old daughter has begged me to take the display apart so she can wear the swim suit. I have so far refused, but given the scrappy little pieces offered in the stores today-I am tempted to oblige!


Coming Soon: Jeanne 'D Arc Magazine and Holiday Book

Very soon my web boutique will be up and running! I am excited to be offering Jeanne 'D Arc magazine as well as their new Holiday book, which like the magazine, will be available in limited supply! Check back often for first dibs on vintage and "new" vintage home decor!


He never brought me to Paris...

Admittedly, there are some things I should let go of. This is not one of them! Back in the day when my husband was eagerly pursuing me (he had me at hello!) I told him I wouldn't marry him unless he took me to Paris on our honeymoon. When he proposed , a whole 'nother story, I blushed and said yes!! O.K., maybe I didn't blush but it sounds sweet. Since then I have lived as a Francophile vicariously through others. A wanna be of sorts. 16 years later, (whew!) I haven't let him forget my condition to marriage. I know that one day we will celebrate one anniversary or another along the banks of the Seine!