Carbona...Worth more then a mention!

I hate, did I say HATE dirty carpet? Kids, grand babies, me...all culprits. I have a carpet shampooer that I have to haul out far to often- convenient, but  awkwardly impossible to do the stairs.

So there I was standing in line at JoAnn Fabrics, glanced down and saw the red bottle staring up at me. I figured worth a shot, and it was the best $7.99 I ever spent! My stairs came out beautifully in minutes. (I also use it for spot cleaning other areas in between shampooing).

My husband can't believe I am this thrilled about a cleaning product, but then he hasn't had the good fortune of  wrestling with my monster machine.


Ghosts of houses past...

I was obsessed with cottage style as you can see. My tastes have changed a bit but that doesn't stop me from getting nostalgic looking back. I prefer a bit more simple look now, a little less stuff. However, there are some things I wonder why I got rid of! I want some of it back! Call it sellers remorse!

Below is a peek at the dining room..

That led into my kitchen...( I see I left the dishes in the sink, must have had better things to do!)

The little breakfast nook...

Not sure why the garbage can is randomly out of place...The double oven was nice. Not so much the pot rack, I dropped a heavy pan I was hanging up and shattered the stove top.

The built in was fun, especially at Christmas with splashes of red. Now I would pare it down a bit and remove some of the "stuff."

Come upstairs with me...It was cool to find the wood floor under the indoor/outdoor carpet the previous owners had down- but a bear to refinish!

The landing at the top never felt finished or quite right so lets turn around...

and go back down...

I never felt right about the living room either, needed color on the walls. I wish I still had the lamp in the left corner!

And finally, the main bathroom!

Things weren't "styled" and put into place, these are pictures we took as we got close to being done remodeling. Thanks for coming down memory lane with me!


Doily inspiration...

I came across this gorgeous handmade doily rug. If I wasn't terrified of keeping it clean, I would love to have it. Wouldn't it make a pretty statement? You can check it out here.


So, how was your day?

Yesterday my day looked like this...

And I should have been doing this...

Instead, I did this...

And if I hadn't broken this...

I could show you all my cool finds. Yes, it was a productive day!


Paris apartment left untouched for 70 years!

Imagine walking in a finding a treasure trove like this. A painting worth 2.1 million was found amongst the heirlooms! Read the story HERE.

Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek blog  posted the link on FB today, I found it so fascinating I had to share it with you! If I could design my home Carte Blanche...This would be it. OK, I wouldn't need the painting but I would take the rest as is!

And in other news, here is my contribution to the Color My World Challenge.


Haute Couture Bathtub

Inspired by a suitcase, This bathtub by Condor Paris  makes quite a statement!


I wonder if you can get the outside of it wet?