If I keel over at Walmart...

Drag my body to Nieman's!


Vintage Mod Spring Fashion

Back when you wouldn't dream of "going into town" in your sweats and sneakers- picture June Cleaver amped up a notch or two...Where women wore dressy gloves and dainty heels..

 You have arrived at Xtabay Vintage Boutique in Portland Oregon.

Take a voyage to the 50's or 60's in this Fab springtime dress...

Pearls, gloves, tweed...oh my!

Try it all on in in their glamorous dressing area..

(All photos Xtabay Vintage)

Wrap it up in this Geoffroys Leopard print jacket with mink trim. Circa 1950's

Visit the boutique;
 2515 SE Clinton St. Portland, Oregon,




Wishing you...

A sweet Valentine's day filled with love, laughter and chocolate!