Carbona...Worth more then a mention!

I hate, did I say HATE dirty carpet? Kids, grand babies, me...all culprits. I have a carpet shampooer that I have to haul out far to often- convenient, but  awkwardly impossible to do the stairs.

So there I was standing in line at JoAnn Fabrics, glanced down and saw the red bottle staring up at me. I figured worth a shot, and it was the best $7.99 I ever spent! My stairs came out beautifully in minutes. (I also use it for spot cleaning other areas in between shampooing).

My husband can't believe I am this thrilled about a cleaning product, but then he hasn't had the good fortune of  wrestling with my monster machine.

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Anonymous said...

I should try it on my chair seats. I got one of those little green machines but they are still too big and bulky and get spray everywhers.