Introductions Please!

 I would like you to meet a very special friend who is also a dear cousin-o-mine! We grew up together here in the Pacific Northwest (Oh the stories we could tell!) but alas, She married and moved to New Hampshire. Connie has now lived in N.H. longer then she lived here! How can that be?

 We get to see each other once a year if we are lucky. Last year we met in Florida 3 times to be with her sweet Mama who passed on to glory in July. Auntie Carole is dearly missed, especially by her daughters who went through their first holiday season with out her. 

This could turn into a book- but I wanted to share her blog with you all!

She hasn't posted much yet but she is going to share some of her cool projects and her adventures around the globe! While there...be sure and become a follower!

They worshipped with the Queen while in England!

On the lower deck of the Eiffel Tower...Swoon!

Paris 09

Neat buildings in Germany

The situation called for it!

Did I mention She goes hunting with her husband?
I have FIVE brothers and no sisters. Except of course Connie. And her sis Lori. And several great sister in laws! I am blessed.

P.S. We discovered SKYPE and now we can have coffee together whenever we like! We forgot we are no longer teenagers and we stayed up all night (yep, till 6a.m.) skyping -doing projects together.


My Shabby Roses said...

Sounds like you had a great time with her skyping! What a wonderful invention for talking with loved ones.

Out in the Fields said...

ALL night!!!Crazy ladies:)