It's Very Personal...

Have you ever tried to buy someone perfume for a gift? It's nearly impossible. I have a hard enough time buying
 myself a new fragrance so I wouldn't presume to buy for someone else. I tend to get stuck wearing the same scent for a few years... or more. For a long time I have been wearing CoCo Mademoiselle. The other day I was mindlessly browsing Sephora and
there it was. Dolce and Gabbana 18 La Lune. I fell in love again. It is slightly reminiscent of a a long ago favorite- Paris by Yves St. Laurent. Soft but not weak Not to floral, or to musky. I am not good at identifying the notes but I know what I like. And I really, really like  love 18 La Lune!

How long can one carry on about perfume? In my case...a long time. At the risk of sounding snobbish, I can almost always tell cheap perfume. It can be costly buying from a department store over a drug store- but it is well worth the indulgence! Several bottles look nice arranged on a dresser but to many perfume choices leave me confused. Which one should I wear today? What is my mood? Perhaps my perfume habits say something about me... am I not big on change? Am I single minded? Or Do I simply know exactly what I want and won't settle for less?

What are you wearing today?



Little Cottage said...

I'm totally with you:
Ralph Loren's Romance, every day for the last 10 years, at least -))
Am I stuck in my way?? No plans to change yet, either!

Tina B said...

DKNY Be Delicious is what I have been wearing, but I would wear Chanel No 5, and I just sampled the new Daisy and like it too.

conniesomero said...

Beautiful! I'm stuck...I do where Chanel once in awhile and another perfume Nathan bought me on Africa.