The March Issue

  I meant to share the March issue of House Beautiful- for a month or more. Here it is April something and and I am finally getting to it.

Pink, glorious Pink! It is many things....And not just for little girls anymore. Pink can be used in a way even your husband would love!

Just a touch...

Modern, cottage, Traditional. It's all in the mix!


A hint of pink, vintage glamour...

Retro with red and orange? Unexpectedly wonderful!

The Bold and the Beautiful!

Just a splash or strong statement, Pink is forever!

(All Photo's property of House Beautiful)

How do you like your Pink?


Uncovered Ruby said...

When I was a little girl, my mom let me pick out my own carpet and my wall color. My carpet was white (brave mom, huh?) and my walls were painted pink. I loved that room!! Wonder what my hubby would think if I suggested it for our room now??? Lisa ;-)

connie somero said...

Love....Map, I love the vintage bathroom! I updated my blog check it out ;) s.k.y.p.e