Fried Green Tomatoes, Purple Striped Beans and Blueberries

We sure have a Bumper crop of GREEN tomatoes. The weather this year in the PNW has not been kind to our garden. Tomorrow marks the first day of September and the weather doesn't look to promising. If they make it all the way to red we will have literally hundreds of glorious Tommy-toes. We (mainly my husband) will try our hand at canning them - along with his to-die-for spaghetti sauce. Now that's sumptin' to talk about. It's so good I swear I could drink it!

( San Marzano- World's best they say)

All this leads me to wondering: Are fried green tomatoes made with unripe fruit or is there a green tomato variety I don't know about? Does anyone have a good recipe they want to share? Speaking of unknown varieties...I had no idea there was such thing as Green Beans with such a lovely purple design. But here they are- freshly picked from our garden! I was a little Leary to try them. It's like convincing yourself a red banana is normal. It just didn't make sense to me. But let me tell you they are divine!

( Designer Green Beans)

My lovely Aunt and Uncle stopped by today and brought us some fabulous local blueberries. Aren't they pretty? They taste even better then they look!

Blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry buckle....


Out in the Fields said...

Green tomatoes are just unripe red ones! I use a very simple recipe...slice green tomatoes and let sit in buttermilk with salt and pepper for 10 mins. Dip in cornmeal mixed with salt and pepper and fry in oil in a fry pan...thats it!

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted the note on the purple striped green beans! I found you by searching for just that on google. I was just getting ready to can my 15 lb bag of green beans from my CSA and opened them up and wondered if there was something wrong with them! Now I don't have to call my farmer and sound like a fool! I'm reading your blog from now on...who knows what else I'll learn :)

Mike Wells said...

The red striped bean is what we here in pikeville ky call a old time fall bean. They are very good cooked with salt pork. Seeds here are hard to find.