It's a dogs life...

I found the book "City Dogs" by Collins Publishers (didn't see a author...) at a garage sale. I fell in love with the pampered pooches. It seems like most people are either dog or cat lovers- rarely both. I adore little dogs and hope to get a tea cup pup soon. Do you lean one way or the other?


Uncovered Ruby said...

I'm a cat person ;-), simply because they can take care of themselves, and if we were to get a dog it would be a big dog like a non-slobbering Newfoundland! Lisa ;-)

Little Cottage said...

Love the old time pictures!
Ok, somebody need to help you with your blog's html-script.... let me know -)
Good weekend to you!

P.S. said...


It looks fine on my laptop but I know on large screens it looks messed up...Don't know how to correct it:) Lisa, I agree- no slobbering pooches! The English bulldog is cutebut I think it does drool.

Little Cottage said...

I'm so sorry, Pam, to tell you that I don't know how to fix it for Google Chrome, which is the browser I use. Now, when I looked at your blog in Internet Explorer it looks JUST DEVINE!!!!
I simply had no clue that the browsers could operate so different & that had me fix my own blog promptly, because it looked stupid in Explorer -)
You are doing good!

Anonymous said...

Those are cute pictures. I didn't think I was an animal person period but am getting quite attached to Hope. Cats on the other hand....I just can't see me having one, ever.