Ok, don't laugh...

Welcome to my little corner of...the garage. After the book-and now magazine "Where Woman Create" was published, I said I would show you my "studio." Go ahead and laugh-or gasp if your inclined.

 I cannot even claim that it is organized chaos. Nope. It is just plain 'ol chaos.
What begins in it's proper place...

                                                                  Usually ends up like this.

I wonder if I had all the perfect furniture and containers...would it stay in place? Somehow, I doubt it.

                                               Do you ever judge a book by it's cover? I do.

I am getting ready to be a vendor in a Artisan faire- taking place Dec. 4th. More on that later...

                                  I love costume jewelry - it is hard to part with my vintage brooches...

Projects under construction...

Photographer, I am not. 

The bright spot in my room -A tangle of romantic roses, but peonies are my true love.

 Projects needing attention...Will they turn into something beautiful?

I was inspired to make a top hat. Mr. Wonderful (a.ka. my sweet husband) helped me make a pattern. I am excited to make another!

Yep. Another table of stuff. Can you have to much stuff?

I know.

I should be embarrassed shouldn't I? Acceptance is a better policy:)

And in other news, Mr. Wonderful kept me company yesterday. He kindly entered addresses in my handy dandy GPS. We skipped around Portland with ease, from one estate sale to the next. As you know, there is no time to waste when  you're on a treasure hunt!

 I found a few exquisite things- and then the big one. You know, the thing you just HAVE to buy.The one that makes your heart beat a little faster...Well it happened. There it was in all it's rusty glory. The tallest, most unusual, to die for plant stand. ( That will likely never hold a plant. You understand don't you?) It twisted and turned in glorious splendor. Or a hunk of junk according to Mr. Wonderful. I had a decision to make. Buy it and call it quits for the day? Ooooh. torture! I decided to place a bid and try not think about it going to someone else. The very perky  lady at the register rung up my "smalls" and offered a tip...

"Put odd numbers and uneven cents". I paused for a second and thought brilliant! Why had I never thought of that? I furiously scribbled out my first number out and took her advice. I jotted down a uneven dollar amount and 51cents. If someone was just a dollar or a penny off...I could reign triumphant!

To my utter delight it worked! Tomorrow I get to pick up my hunk of junk for half the listed price. plus or minus a few cents. All in all I had a great weekend with a great guy- and tomorrow he gets to take me to pick it up. (needless to say, it won't fit in my trunk!) Guess he didn't think of that as he watched my anguish over how much to bid!


Little Cottage said...

Love it all!

Uncovered Ruby said...

Ok Pam, spill the beans, what Artisian fair are you going to be at on Dec 4??? I'd love to come, I doubt I can though, I'm running a booth at the LaCenter bazaar that day..Lisa