Not now brown cow...

Forgive me Karen, I am way late and mixed up on the color challenge. I am going to throw this in here even though it doesn't really fit the category! Kind of cheating, I know but I adore these hair products. The first time I tried them I was hooked. My hair was rebelling against all the drying and flat irons and after one use it was tame and soft, none of that frizziness!! I have seen several imposter's on the market, don't bother...they are not the same! Look for the brown bottle with blue label. You can check out their website here.

You can join the color challenge at Out In The Fields, I know you will follow the rules better then I!

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Out in the Fields said...

theres no hard and fast rules for these challenges so it fits wherever you want it to fit! Even recipes as its a recipe for non frizzed hair:)