Will Facebook make blogs obsolete?

Maybe not entirely but I am finding many of my favorite blogger's have FB pages as well. It seems to be a faster, easier way to get noticed...to announce special events and gather followers. I love discovering and reading new blogs, keeping up on old favorites-the trouble is I get so engrossed, hours can pass in a flash. Literally. One link, one click and I am on to a whole new list of blogs. Sigh. Now I have to get to the laundry. 

 Below are a few Facebook "bloggger's" I am friends with.

I wonder, are there any Blogger-Tweeter's out there?


Recipeaholic said...

Hi Pam! Good to hear from you! I didn't realize you knew about my blog! The muffins have 35 carbs per muffin. That is if you follow the recipe exactly. If you add more choc. chips like I did, there would be a few more carbs :)
Do you have type 1 or 2? Delan has type 1 and recently got an insulin pump and is A1C came down from 8.6 to 4.9! It has been awesome! Take Care! Good to hear from you! --Mindy

Uncovered Ruby said...

PAM, you're back! FB will never replace blogs, it's too shallow, you can get more depth from people's blogs and their stories! I get lost in blog land too. Hope you're doing well...we're celebrating 3 years at the shop next Saturday with a sale and vendors in the back again..perhaps we'll see you then? Take care!! Lisa ;-)