Who Does That?

Me. A few years ago we sold our house and moved to Idaho. (not a fan) We stayed less then a year and I was ecstatic to see the lovely green of the PNW come into view on our drive home. But that's not where I am going with this. We lived in Orchards until we were tired of taxiing our kids back and forth daily to Battle Ground,  our home town. So I began the dreadful task of finding a house to rent. I scoured the local property management websites. Finding a home in the right location, price range, size...was proving daunting. I would call to check on a place and it would be gone. Finally I came across a town house that was very familiar. And it was just one street away from our old house! I called and told them we would take it!! The woman on the other end paused and asked in a surprised voice "Don't you want to see it first?"  I didn't need to, I explained. My husband had done some work on it when it was built! I called Mr. Wonderful and gave the good news- we went right in and signed the lease papers.

 The next day as our moving truck was being loaded, I went ahead to open the place up.
Much to my surprise someone was living in it! I pulled up by the curb and sat there baffled. Before calling the agency I pulled out our lease papers. I contemplated out loud that maybe I should knock on the door. My daughter Alexa looked at me like I was crazy. I gave the papers another glance. Panic set in. The address wasn't even close to where I sat. I was so convinced I knew where it was, I never checked the address on the lease papers. This was S.E. and we needed to be at the same street only N.W. What and where did we rent??
I couldn't, just couldn't call my husband. He is used to me after 18 years- but this? I pulled away from the curb trying to figure out where the place was. I drove around town for twenty minutes trying to find the proper address. What if it was a dump? What if, what if..? I finally pulled into the right driveway and decided I better call Mr. Wonderful and let him in on our my mistake. I won't tell you what he said. I rushed to tell him the outside looked OK as I fumbled with the lock. I slowly pushed the door open. Whew! It was a  respectable place. Clean and nice. It would work. It would have to work! The papers were signed. Yes, this is a long story and to make it a bit shorter...I had to let our family and friends know where they could REALLY find us. Did I ever tell you about the Pepper and Salt Shakers?


Andy's Attic said...

Oh, dear, that is quite a tale to tell on yourself. Thank goodness it was OK once you found it!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I Love U Map!

Uncovered Ruby said...

Whew...thank goodness it turned out fine, HE was watching out for you ;-)..Lisa

Agata Renfrew said...

Uh-Oh! You've been through a lot, sissy! At least you still found it. It happened to me twice already, and it's just so embarrassing! Wheeew!