My Face is Still Red

I admit, I am not always first to get the joke, and I didn't think after so many years of marriage, I could still get embarrassed in front of my husband. But then it happened. I was running late one afternoon and as I was passing this little shop by the side of the road- I noticed a antiques sign in the window. I quickly decided that I was already 15 minutes late, would five more make that big of a difference? Not wanting to admit I was shopping, I ignored my cell phone ringing in my purse and dashed inside. I raced down the aisles separated by raw shelving hoping to find something to make being late worth it. And then, there they were. Right at eye level. Chippy little pepper and salt shakers monogrammed with my initials. I stood in disbelief wondering about the person, who had my exact initials, monogrammed on these little wonders. Was it a wedding gift? Did it match their set of China? I carefully reached up to check the price. $18.00. OK, they had my initials- but were they $18.00 cute? All at once I decided no, but they were personalized for me. I made my purchased and hurried home, all the while picturing my husbands amazement as I showed him my find. I rushed into the house and ceremoniously unwrapped my treasure.I told him my story before slowly revealing the pepper and salt shakers. As I carefully set them on the microwave- He paused, looked at me and said......"You're serious?" In that moment I realized I there was no way to play it off. This story would go down in family history. Told over and over again at each reunion, birthday and shower. I am Legend.
Signed, P.S.
(In my defense, you thought so to...right? Who displays pepper and salt shakers? Proper form is SALT and PEPPER shakers! P.S. photo is not the actual shakers) Go ahead call me crazy..or could it be this menopause thing?


Little Cottage said...

Ha-ha-ha! That is a good one, Pam :o)
You've got more stories to tell????
Have a great weekend!
- Sylvi

melanie's all my favorite things said...

Hi! I think that you visited my blog about a coffee table. sorry, I have had a hard time finding you...and I hope I have the right person. I have had computer issues, so have just responded on my blog. (love yours, by the way!).
the coffee table is awesome in person, and I haven't been open during this heat wave, until today, so it is still there! (waiting for you, maybe!)
hope you are the right person...if not, I am glad that I found you!!!

Norah said...

Pam, that is soooo funny! We have a story that lives on in family history involving S & P. Years ago, one of our daughters got up early on April 1 and carefully switched the salt and pepper shakers.. putting salt in the pepper shaker, etc.. Trouble was, neither was marked as such, you just had to look through the milk white glass to see which one had the pepper in it. Oh, the look on her face as she watched OUR faces as we used the wrong shaker. And then the look on HER face when she realized it made no difference! We still laugh about that, 20+ years later, and she laughs the most lol.

Thanks for the smile today, PS!