Back to my roots, and I don't mean my hair.

Which by the way, the grey now out numbers the brown, or was it blond? Maybe red. Thank goodness for hair color! I am however, going back to my what fits me best in home decor. I think it was the amazing Barn House flea market that made me face a few facts. I may like a certain style in someone ELSE'S home, but I can't live with what I don't love. I went home and talked my ever patient husband into a new couch. (poor guy, that is just a start..) I am now sitting on my deliciously creamy couch, dreaming about adding some of those great burlap pillows I saw at BH. Note to self: Lot's of color is fine for fresh fruit or a box of crayons-just not in my living room.


Sharla said...

I am so jealous I didnt get to go to the flea market :(...I just read a decorating article about keeping all the basics neutral and then accesorizing with color and Im really wishing I woulda known i would get sick of all the same color (red) when I picked out all the furniture for my house.

Dixie said...

Hooray! found ya!... adding you to "really good junk" tonight!

thanks for the link...

hugs. Dixie


Your on-line store is up! CONGRATS & BEST OF LUCK!
I look very much forward to your selection from Jeanne d'Arc Living!
Hey, congrats with a new couch too ;o)