My Dear Girl... Circa 1912

Today I was going to be productive and get a bunch of projects done for the upcoming flea market at Uncovered Ruby. I pulled out my stuff and got lost in boxes of vintage empherma. I have a obsession for old papers, advertisements and such. (What am ever going to do with so much stuff? I decided to make little packets from my collection- all originals... to sell at the flea)
Anyhoooo, I want to share this forlorn love story with you. I doubt "Leo" ever dreamt his little 'ol letter would be fascinating (at least to me) nearly a hundred years later. Is it wrong to publish someones private thoughts? A hundred years from now, where will our Internet follies end up?
The envelope was torn but I know from other letters I have collected that all they did was put a name and the city and it was delivered!
(slightly edited due to length)
My Dear Girl, Blackfoot Idaho, June -26-1912
I received your letter the other day and have neglected to answer it, but hope you will forgive me. I have been looking for you every day and every evening and have made up my mind that you have quit coming to town at all. I also noticed you was not at the dance Sat. night. So I guess all that is left for me to do is write and tell you all about it.
I am strictly up against it in several ways and find that I have to give up all foolishness such as buggie rides and other pleasures. All of which I regret very much. That is until I get fixed up. Now perhaps you don't know the meaning of fixed up, but I will explain further.
You know that I am slightly hard of hearing which caused me much annoyance and I am getting much worse. Also that my eyes are bother me half the time- which makes me sit up and take notice. For the first thing I know, I won't know anything.
I am thinking about going to the lake. Now my dear little girl, I don't want you to pass up anything for me. I know it must be awe fully hard to stick out on the ranch, so go ahead and have all the fun you can.I have got to stick it out some way.
It seems a century since I saw you last. I wish you were near me tonight. That you might cheer me up. Well I must close for this time, it is way past my usual bedtime. Nearly 12 o'clock.
I hope I have cast a little light on the mystery. Now take my advice. Don't miss out on any chance to have a good time but be a good little girl all the time.
Hoping to see you soon,
Your old Pal

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Uncovered Ruby said...

I'm joining you in your fascination with old letters, papers, music, etc. I have several of my own that I've found, I love the way people used to write to each other. So excited to see your projects for the show!! Lisa :-)