Queen of Klutz

Yesterday after a great day of junking, my mind whirling with fresh ideas, I realized my gas tank was below E. I pulled in to the gas station and started pumping my gas. As I waited I decided I was awfully thirsty. What luck! I spied a soda machine just a few steps away so I grabbed some change....I had to step over the hose now attached to my gas tank, a easy task for most. With my eyes on the soda machine I stepped low and tripped. I fell forward,change flying and landed in a heap on the ground. I looked up to see if anyone had seen my mishap. Yep. I stared into the eyes of a guy in the car next to me. He didn't flinch. But I did. Somehow I twisted my ankle, and it HURT. I hobbled over and bought that darn water. (it's the water's fault, right?) I woke up a couple of times last night aware of achy, throbbing in my ankle. I limped out of bed this morning and sit enjoying my second cup off coffee-swollen ankle propped up. None the worse for the wear I guess. Except maybe my pride.


Little Cottage said...

Uh-uh! Your script is all messed up!
Take care & enjoy some ankle resting :o)

Andy's Attic said...

Oh Pam, how awful! Hope you are OK soon. I'm in the process of moving my space today and tomorrow. Hope to see you soon, Annette

Uncovered Ruby said...

Take it easy and let it heal!! Praying for your swollen ankle to heal quickly.